And now the obsession is in full swing :)

Leslie In North Pole

12 Years
Mar 7, 2007
North Pole, AK
After resisting setting up my incubator since September due to the ever present urge to find more eggs and hatch, I finally have been encouraged to fire my hova up.

I had been gathering and storing my first muscovy (possibly hinnie) eggs and first pheasant eggs as they started appearing in Feb. We were actually surprised to find eggs when it was as cold as -40 out a couple of weeks ago.

Last Monday, I had some eggs arrive that my trade partner, mustangsaguaro was thoughtful enough to buy ahead of time for me. I guess the breeder was hot to have me hatch them, because they were shipped a month sooner than I was expecting. As of last Tuesday, the eggs went into the bator and I have been hovering over it.

Tonight, day 6 I candled them when I went to turn them as I was wanting to see if any were clear duds, to open space for new eggs to be added. Surprisingly, I only had to pull two duck and two pheasants as obvious clears and I clearly had two of the goose eggs developing. I would never have guessed that the fertility on my birds would be so high so early in my laying season and it is nice to see that I don't have hinnies.

Well... I kind of ordered a dozen eggs on eggbid last week that aren't suppose to ship until April and a dozen through a breeder I was talking with last year about Beltsvilles. I, then bought eggs from two other people on the buy/sell/trade board plus a friend on the other BYC was going to send me some eggs to keep the Pilgrim eggs company. Now I am firing up another bator as my math tells me that bator is going to get too full and preparing to get my other two ready to go as hatchers in a couple of weeks... Plus the Eggbid breeder has decided to ship early... I guess I am going to try to see just how many birds I can hatch before I have my number 5 next month.

In the morning, I am going to be at the Post Office very pregnant and very ticked off because they held two of my boxes of eggs hostage... my carrier has been a flake. Her boss called to tell me that one box of eggs had arrived 8:30 am and when I went to pick it up I took in a package slip for two other packages which they insisted couldn't be more eggs. Come to find out using the delivery confirmation number I had that they have my other boxes waiting there as well, they had "attempted delivery" at 8:36am... Let's just say the words I was thinking weren't the most pleasant.

If you made it through all of that, keep your fingers crossed for me. At this point in time I need all of the good wishes I can get.
It still amazes me that you have any luck at all getting eggs all that way and your hatches seem to go off without a hitch. Good luck with your recent batch.
Ohh, GOOD LUCK on your hatches! Sounds like you are going to have quite a few going there! LOL
Hatchaholic!?? LOL
Oh, I KNOW I am. I fired my bator up last October, and it has not had a chance to cool down yet! LOL
Ahhh, How I miss North Pole,Alaska. We used to take the kids up a few times a Santas store, and eat at Santas kitchen.
Waaaaa, I wanna come home!! Guess im "stuck" here forever now.

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