And the chick saga continues..


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Feb 1, 2009
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Well, a few days ago, we had our first chick pip and we were all excited. I left it in with mamma and the rest of the flock, only for uber curious chickens to peck and eat the chick and 2 other eggs. We found one.. I was gonna put him in the incubator but when I looked at him he had died. My best guess was he got cold, the egg was cold to the touch.

WELL.. we found one more egg burried in the bedding stuffs. I brought it in candled it and it was solid black inside. I put it in the incubator, and 20 hours later I have a newly hatched chick!!! No one can believe it hatched!

Now I have an Australorp x LB chick who will be named Lucky if hes a boy and Hope if its a girl (yeah, I know; how original). He's chirpin his fool head off and trying to stand up.. I didn't know they did that right out the shell. I thought they just layed there for a while.. Our feed store gets in Day old chicks tomorrow from the same hatchery that the original chickens came from.. so I gonna go get him a buddy first thing in the morning.

Now how long will it take him to fluff up.. I have the incubator (still air LG) at 100.5. 2 regular kitchen sponges are in there for humidity as well as the water wells filled. Hes in ther on the wire right now. Is this okay? Thanks and cookies to all who help out!!


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Aug 20, 2009
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Mine took a couple of hours to fluff up..... have one that still looks nasty but it's getting better, it's had a hard day

ETA, pout some paper towels over the wire so he can get better footing
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