and the predatos have arrived.....


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Topanga Ca
Well, nothing like waking up to a barking 120 pound German Shepherd in your bedroom. Darn him. I swear he won't wake up when I trip over him in the dark every night, but last night he was hell bent on getting out back. I'm not sure if he heard something or caught a smell? The ladies are, I'm hoping, buttoned up pretty tight at night, So far, so good. Chicken coop is also on top of wire (so no digging under). My thoughts are the preds have been watching since day 1 (two weeks ago).
They may have been around that first night, but my dog's selective hearing (he's 12) missed them? Anyway, this is pretty much the norm right? My property abuts up to 25,000 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains.
Put him outside at night and give him a chance to find out for ya!
Oh trust me, I wish he could sleep outside, but he would be barking all night and my neighbors would complain.
He's one of those barkers who will bark and a leaf falling or a mountain lion. Of course the mountain lion would generate a bigger bark, but we have more leaves falling then big cats so you can imagine.

arf. Arf. Arf...........

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