...And then there were six


8 Years
May 3, 2011
Bradleyville, MO
I have a small starter flock of seven 8 week old chicks. They free range, but I keep feed for them up on our patio, which they come up to get around 3 times a day. A few minutes ago, I noticed that they were back so I went to check on them and I only counted six. I am missing my smallest chick. I understand there are risks with free ranging. We went out and looked all over for her, but couldn't find her or any sign of her anywhere. Usually when she gets separated she hollers up a storm, but we couldn't hear anything. Could a hawk have grabbed her and took off? I'm kind of sad, but not too much as I knew this could (and most likely would) happen eventually. She was just so little and cute (even though she was scared to death of me). Poor itty bitty chicken!
you might find her later

maybe an animal scared them and she hid, that happened to me once

thought she was a gonner but she turned up a couple hours later
Only six came to the coop for bed.
She was a sweet Black Copper Maran and my only female of that breed, so I'm kind of disappointed. Poor thing. My son spent all day looking for her.
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