And this is your username because...

Well, funny story actually. It all starts when I first joined BYC. My friend, magistradomina, first showed me BYC (
Thank you!) and I saw the username "chickendiva" And since I am horrible when it comes to names, I just added "25" to the end and voila! chickendiva25 was produced! chickendiva, I must thank you!
When I bought this farm there was a big farm truck that went with the farm and on both doors were a pic of a big a lot of people would call me bluegoose until they found out what my name was. the username tends to make people think Im a women on BYC I would change it to something like killer or big dog but I would have to start over and no one would know who I was.
Ummmm.... mine has been my username on many, many forums and is my user ID for e-mail, as well. I happen to HAVE grey eyes, and in my line work, the computer database abbreviation for "grey" or "gray" is gry.
Mine is pretty obvious... the reason we first got our chickens
. My usual username, though, is mom2bbjandag, which everyone who knows me knows... it's my cell and email signature... I am "mom to B__, B___, J___ and A___ G___," my four children (3 sons, 1 daughter). At some point, when the 4-H chicken project is over, I may try to change my username... but maybe not
I got my username from one of my very pretty hens, Zinnia. For some reason I had her on my mind the day I joined, so I added her in...
I live on the western slope of Colorado on the edge of a mountain range called the Grand Hogback because it resembles the ridge of a hog. It is a misnomer right now, because I am still waiting for my first chicks to arrive. Hopefully by Thursday I will really have "chickns" to go with my "HogbackMtn!"

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