And we have a duckling!


10 Years
Mar 15, 2009
This is our first time hatching ducklings. I got two free mystery duck eggs from a gentleman when I got a couple dozen other hatching eggs. He didn't know what breeds they are, and they're probably mixed, he doesn't even know what all kinds he's got running around.

So both eggs have pipped, this one zipped this morning, and at 7:55 Eastern time popped out. It's an adorable little yellow thing. I don't know how they fit into that egg! I see them come out of it, but it just doesn't seem possible that something of their size fits in such a small egg!

I've heard it's somewhat difficult to hatch ducklings. I don't know, they worked great for us, well, at least one is out, and the other one is working on it. Our incubator is a cheapie styrofoam cooler with a hole cut in the top for a desk lamp, lined with aluminum foil and shelf liner, and with a dish and a jar of warm water for humidity. I made a front window out of a piece of plastic from a picture frame, caulked in. I poked a bunch of pencil holes in the cooler and tape them over or open them up as needed. I did have a little trouble getting the humidity up for hatch, but I got it up to 70% by spraying a fine mist in with a little spray bottle. And it worked!

The window is all fogged up with moisture and the baby is hiding at the back of the bator right now, but I'll post a pic when he moves into a good position for one.

Sooo eggciting!
We raised three Pekin ducklings from a couple of days old last winter, but this is our first actual duckling hatch!

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