Anemic hen. Mites or lice

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    Apr 10, 2009
    White leghorn. Stopped laying, lethargic, floppy pale comb. When taking her out of the box tonight, I see she is getting bare around the stomach/chest. So I guess that means mites or lice. I can't see anything but I haven't made a real close inspection.

    So I'm thinking a permethryn dust? Is there something better, that I can get at TSC?

  2. urbanfarmer101

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    Did you see any white/gray clusters around the pin area of the feathers? Check them at night with a flashlight and see what is running around on them. Is she molting? It is that time of year for many chickens.

    When mine had lice, I sprayed my nest boxes and my perch with sevin liquid. I treated the bedding with sevin as well. The girls got a home remedy treatment worked amazing but, I don't think it would work for mites.

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