Angora rabbits


11 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Western Kentucky
My wife got some angora rabbits is there a place to sell of trade the wool? How do you harvest it? I told her not to get them till she resurched but she did anyway.
You can sell it to me!
The best way to get the wool off is to comb it. That way you can work on them a bit at a time and they are never too hot or too bare. She'll have to comb them every day anyway to keep them from getting matted or sick from licking too much ( hairballs!

The best thing to do ( and the most fun) would be for her (and you) to learn to spin! Its really fun and not too hard to learn. If theres a yarn shop anywhere near you, they'd probably refer her to a local person that wants the fur. But I'm serious about wanting it too. PM me if you want!

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