Angora X meat rabbit?


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Jan 25, 2008
I have 1 English angora that is breeding age and Im tring to raise meat rabbits, I have a silver Fox buck that is 8 months but all my "meat" does are still a few months from breeding age. I offered her for sale or trade for meat does but now im thinking I could just breed her to my buck. The babys will be used for meat except one "pet" rabbit that my little bro is patiently waiting for me to breed for him. The Doe is about a year old and is about 8 lbs, the buck is 8 months and is about 8-9 lbs, would this be close enough in size to breed them?

Anyone else cross breed an Angora? I am asuming you would lose the wool but what did you get?


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May 30, 2008
pulaski wisconsin
those sizes should be fine, and about the fur they done always lose it, a satin rabbit is an angora x satin rabbit. so you could easily get a long haired meat bodied rabbit


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Jun 29, 2008
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the angora gene is recessive, it wont always show up in the first generation , it will show up however in a generation where the angora genes match up properly, meaning a normal furred rabbit that carries the gene is bred to another normal furred rabbit carrying the angora gene, or bred back to an angora.

I have french lops that carry the angora gene, not something I wanted in my lines, but once its known who is carrying the recessive gene it can be worked out of the line by heavy culling ( meat rabbits)
the ages are right for breeding as long as the buck is ready.
Happy Breeding.

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