another 100% hatch!!!!


11 Years
Oct 4, 2008
this is the second time using eggs from my pekin duck. the homemade igloo bator that i have built must be a finely tuned machine!
it is drafty due to the lid being warped so i use a shirt over the top to hold in the heat and humidity. it has a frankenstein fan from walmart that is noisy as all get out. but you can't argue with the results! i guess the warped lid gives the exact amount of fresh air into the bator. the temp is dialed in exactly where it needs to be with the wafer thermostat so i think i am going to locktight the wingnut so i doesn't move. both hatches that have been 100% were on time and the peeps were healthy with no deformities. i was thinking about buying a brinsea or 1588 or just changing out the 48 quart cooler for a new one with a tighter lid, but i am worried that i might change something and get lesser results. funny how sometimes things just go right when they look wrong! i'll post some pics of the bator when my wife gets back to town with the camera!
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