Another Broody :(

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8 Years
Sep 2, 2011
New Hampshire
I read all these people who want a broody, not me......I have 5 pullets only 8 months old and already 2 broodies. Live in residential cant have a rooster, dont want a rooster, dont want any more chickens, just got these ladies for eggs. My australorp was fairly easy to break, but Cupcake our BO doesnt seem to be as easy.

My question, how can I tell if she's really broody of just wanting to take her sweet old time laying? She never came out of coop in the morning, and I noticed after a couple hours she was still in there, so I tried to coax her out and she gave the jurassic park screech. I let her there for 3 hours then removed her and shut access to nest, as soon as I opened the nest box so others could lay she was right back on the nest. I got all the eggs out and she's still there.

how long should I let her sit? She hasnt layed an egg today, could it just be she needs to lay or should I remove her from the nest?

Edited to say she's been lingering longer and longer in the nest the past few days, paranoid of getting anoter broody I have been watching them closely. I have had to coax her out the past few days after being on the nst 2 hours more, but today she's digging in her heels more.
Thanks for advice.
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It does sound like she's broody. They behave exactly as you've described, and they stop laying. If you take her, put her in a wire cage, with no bedding, just food and water, and elevate the cage, she may come out of it. I would do that for about three days. No guarantee that it works though, especially if she's really stubborn.

Or, if you don't want to use a cage, just take her off the nest every time you see her on it and put her outside.

You might want to consider selling the orps and getting a breed that normally doesn't go broody. I would recommend the Golden Buff hybrids from the Meyer Hatchery, or any hybrid, really.

White leghorns don't often go broody, and RIRs don't commonly go broody either.
Ok well I just took her off and she's really mad! she's just sitting on the ramp squacking......

when I did this to my australorp she gave up and forgot about it and started laying again 2 days later.

I hope she will do the same. I have 2 red stars that are GREAT they lay huge eggs every day and from what I know dont go broody!

If she doesnt quit I may ask a local farmer if he will take her.
man now im confused, she's got to be broody....i shut her off from the coop and nest box all afternoon and she was crazy. I left for a few hours and came home to find an egg on the run floor. I am 100% sure its hers. I blocked off the nest box and opened the coop door, she immediately went into the coop and and is now laying flat on the coop floor ( pine shavings)- this is broody behavour right? She did lay an egg that is what is confusing me. I know the other 4 layed today, so this egg on the run (sand)floor was hers but she wasnt sitting on it...

help? its nearly dark shes always the first in coop, and she is now but shes sitting on the floor as I have the nest box blocked...

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