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  1. snoggle

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    Needing some ideas for a name for my coop. It will be delivered tomorrow. :) Some details:

    It's about 6 x 8 and barn red with white trim (to match our "century barn").

    We run a horse boarding business and our place is called "Nutwood Farm". Named after the small town that used to be there.

    Our town is Fowler, OH - There's got to be some sort of way to use that!

    It will eventually house 5-8 hens (1 or 2 each of: Java, Barnvelder, BC Maran, Welsummer, and Ameracauna)

    Long term plans include a few runner ducks who will have their own smaller duck house and a beef cow each year. We also have a Great Dane, a Lab, and 6 cats. Yeah, I wanted to call it "Menagerie Acres" or something like that, but DH insisted someone would think "menagerie" had a dirty meaning, LOL.

    I'm trying to think of something clever, but with meaning. I might call the future duck house, "Duckingham Palace", but I would love suggestions for that too.

    Bring on the ideas!

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Washougal, WA
    I really LOVE Duckingham Palace!!![​IMG] You're right there is definitely some way to use Fowler since Fowl refers to birds! Normally, I'm pretty creative, but all I can come up with at this late hour is Fowl House (I'm sure your hubby will think it's too adult or dirty lol). I'll think some more tomorrow and hopefully there will be many more people who will chime in and give you many great ideas.
  3. snoggle

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    I was thinking "Fowl-er Inn" - Slightly amusing when you figure that Fowler is merely a rural township with no need for an real inn of any kind! [​IMG]

    I'm not that creative though, I'm sure someone else can come up with something better!
  4. snoggle

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    Here it is on the way to my house: [​IMG]


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