Another cross beak question, please

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    Jul 13, 2007
    Bigfork, Mt
    I've got some Araucanas, and one developed a cross beak at a few weeks of age. SHe's now about 4 months old or so, a voracious eater compared to her siblings, and about 1/2 their size or so. She's also very sweet and tame, and seems healthy otherwise.

    I've been making sure their feed dish is deep enough, we do trim a bit off her beak now and then to try to get it to match up better. And I regularly feed her cooked brown rice, oats, cottage cheese, corn, peas, other softer and wetter foods to help her to eat. She loves avocados, too.

    Is there anything else I can do for her? I'd really like her to live a long, happy life with us. Mostly I want to make sure she's getting enough nourishment!

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    Sounds like you are doing everything you can for her. Good luck with your hen. Maybe she would enjoy a big fat meal worm she can't normally nab on her own?

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