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    Dec 4, 2011
    besides having my hands full with my 2 big ducks that are positive that they are family and should have a house key...there is the flying beast aka Chicky....who never fails to surprise me,. yesterdays threat that got her into her pen failed to get her attention today...she flew out defiantly 4 times...put her back and she'd fly right out again. Never heard my pleas.
    Again the bird seems to understand...I tell her the last time that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with her if she keeps it up, and if she can;t control her wonder lust that I might have to send her to live at the pond...or worse, I'll take her back to the farm store and get my $5 back and see if that will stay where I put it for 10 minutes...she went to her pen and stayed...
    Such a smart girl. Someday shes going to call my bluff though..

    This is more about my personal duck..the little rescued egg that turned into a duckling that's now a duck. Shes still the baby of the family but at 5 mts she's not a baby anymore. Spoiled beyond your wildest imagination, you;d have to see this to believe it.
    Bug has always been special since I took her egg and incubated it for almost the full 28 days. I even had to assist her in hatching. It took her close to 24 hrs to get her beak out and she was exhausted and about to fail at that point so I helped, carefully and gently. That took another 24.
    Anyway, shes been spoiled. Always gets the best food, the most attention and the most forgiveness. We've got a routine where at days end after dinner and everyone else is fed I get Bug and go to my recliner and let Bug sit on my chest and we watch the news or whatever is on the TV. She enjoys this since she gets some quiet time being scratched and massaged until she goes to sleep sitting on my chest. Inevitably she lets the flowers fly, I put her back in her pen and I go take a shower and clean up. Same ritual every night for 5 months. When you;re tired and could fall asleep where you sit, nothing motivates like warm poo on your shirt......

    I fear that I've created a monster.
    Now, BTW, poor Bug has wry-tail and may or may not grow out of that, but its not a big deal. Its genetic and little that can be done. Her tail feathers just stick out to the left a bunch more than centered. Way more actually. She also has a heck uva under bite...but that's not a big deal either.
    What IS becoming a deal is her recent behavior since shes figured out that shes a big girl now and doesn't have to take crap off anybody anymore like she did when she was little. She used to get beat up all the time. That's why I got Chicky as a companion so Bug wouldn't see the rest of the world as something to fear. It worked well too. Chicky turned out to be a great friend to Bug. Even protective.
    Now, the little monster will find her usual spot on my chest,. and give me the stink eye if I don;t start massaging her neck or rubbing her belly the right way...and if I don't do it quick enough she attacks me chewing on ears, lips, hair, nose, cheek..whatever she can get that fat lip of hers onto. And shes start quacking and raising cane and going psycho-duck on me,...until I start rubbing or scratching where she wants. Its so funny and so cute that I crack up laughing whiles shes throwing her little duck-fit and trying to be the boss. Her chewing isn't hard, but it can sting a little if she gets a good piece of my lip. Biting my nose was kind of a surprise too...Little monster can open that mouth wayyy more that I ever thought !

    As soon as I find the right spot she calms down and settles. Even goes to sleep as she used to. But, if I stop without permission and she wakes...she raises her head up and stretches her neck out tall and eyes me for a moment and starts screaming and chewing on whatever piece of me she can get to... I DO have to watch out and keep my eyes closed when shes in attack mode and in my face...she pokes that beak all around and it could be dangerous if I had my eyes open...

    Its the funny-est thing I've ever seen out of a duck. The staring at me, and its not anger or fear...its a look of disgust, like shes trying to say "whats the problem? start rubbing NOW !" She won't back away, she's not fighting because she will not stop trying to cuddle, and she won't leave my chest. She just wants her evening massage and that's all there is to it.

    I'm hoping that she grows out of that because I'd sure hate for it to get any worse where she was trying to hurt....right now its playful chewing but lots of it. She gets so excited that she looses control to some extent. Poor crooked tail whipping around everywhere. When she gets a little bigger and fills out a bit that's gonna hurt.

    Just another day in my life with ducks.

    Now I've seen it all.....I've got a possessive duck that's a diva.

    I am abused by a duck. Yeah right. I'll just let 'em all think I get into fights every night...that's why I always have a fat lip. uh huh. That'll fly.

  2. Miss Lydia

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    I have to say this beats soap operas to pieces.. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Jan 3, 2010
    Southern New England
    Yup, now Bug's growing up, feeling her oats. What a blessing to have an assertive duckie! Hee hee!

    Once, when they were about two months old, I was having an earnest discussion with the ducks, and Zehn was standing in front. Without warning, she hopped up and stole a kiss! Ouch! Grab the mouthwash!
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    Aug 31, 2009
    Have you ever read the book "Enslaved By Ducks"? I think you should[​IMG]
  5. Miss Lydia

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    I love that book.. it's a must for any who have ducks and geese too.

  6. veronicasmom

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    Aug 31, 2009
    My sister bought me that book for Christmas one year. She runs a bookstore at her church and came across it. She read it first, and said that she thought it was written about me! I do admit there were things in it that I did not like, but overall it was a riot.
    So, for those of us a bit over the top in our animal lives, it is a must read!

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