Another Egg with a tail!! O.o (pic) Im starting to get concerned....


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Apr 11, 2012
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So here is another egg with a tail laid by Frightful from her perch while she slept! This is getting this really normal for a first time layer? She laid an egg with a tail a bit ago, then didnt lay anything until the day before yesterday and that egg was normal. She didnt lay an egg yesterday though. Then i found this thing in the morning under her perch.

She has available calcium. She is off her feed again but with no outward signs of illness. Her crest is a bit pale but she has always had a light colored crest so Im not sure if thats a sign or just her normal color. Her crop was not emptied this morning, so I massaged it and gave her 15 minutes then checked again and it was a lot smaller. Could this be why she is not hungry? Im getting a little concerned that this might be something more that I cant see. Her bum is soft and squishy btw, not hard or swollen. I just treated with Sevin for mites about a week ago. They had mites when i got them, this was me second treatment for any hatched eggs. They dont appear to have any more mights.

Heres a link to my last thread about her first tailed egg.

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I'm not much help, still kinda new to raising chickens.... I saw your previous post and was curious to see this one. How bizarre. I've read many times that new layers often leave surprising packages, maybe Frightful's system is still working through the kinks. By your description, she doesn't appear to be ill, that's good....maybe just give her body a little time....Someone on BYC has said that chickens are not "vending machines!" I hadn't thought of it that way, but very good analogy!
lol No they are not vending machines, but abnormalities can be alarming! Especially when seen twice in one week!! I hope she is OK!
I hope so too
That's weird. I've heard of chickens laying funny shaped eggs before. I think its normal.. but I've never seen one like that.
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