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Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by NoSkiveez, Jan 27, 2010.

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    We have two groups of chicks. Our older chicks are about 13 or 14 weeks old and our younger ones were hatched 12/15, 12/25 and 12/30. The older have an enclosed pen (about the size of a garage) and the younger ones are in a very big dog crate. The bottom in the crate is dirt. How much grit should each group be getting? Should I put it on the ground or mix it into their food? Im not sure if it makes much of a difference, the older ones eat the crumble and the younger eat mash. Hubby is sectioning off the coup tomorrow and I wanted to be able to start giving treats to them. Ive given treats to the bigger birds but its pretty limited because I didnt have grit.
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    I heard, that as long as all there getting to eat is chick starter, the have no need for grit, but somebody more knowledgable should come along and let you know better than me.

    Edited to say: should have read the whole your whole post, sorry, I guess I have no idea I thought the grit only came in two sizes chick grit and pullet sizes.
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    Chicks don't need grit unless you are giving them treats - their chick starter is complete. If they are getting soft foods like egg, then they need grit to help digest it.
    But.... If your chicks are housed on top of dirt/sand, I don't think you need to give them extra grit at all.

    I've raised all of my chickens from tiny chicks - the oldest are now15 months old and I've never 'given' them grit -- they get the grit they need from the ground.
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    Arizona is correct. Chickens raised on the ground never need additional grit. It is just a waste of money. Also, they never need oyster shells either if given a complete ration or if they are free-ranged. Again, just a waste of your money. saladin

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