Another hatch question

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7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
SE Missouri
Seems like i have at least one new question daily.Geez.
My temp has been a steady 100-100.8.Is that ok?Cant seem to get it to get down to 99.5 no matter how much i turn the knob so just left it aloneToday is day 10.Will they hatch early or is that in the realm of ok for normal hatch.
It really depends on what type of incubator you are using? I use a still air design and I measure temp from on top of the eggs (see pic) however, maintaining temp on low end incubators (like mine) are a pain in the rear-end.... I my previous hatches, I have help temp ranges from 98-102 and still successful hatches on day 21.

Your temp range seems fine (remember this is not rocket science) and just sit back and enjoy the hatching process. By the way, I would not candle the eggs until at least day 9 and that is so I don't keep opening the bator and losing valuable temp and humidity. Hope all goes well.

Your bator looks just like mine!!However i do have the fan.
Ok that all was ALL good to know.I am so releived.

Today is day 9.!!Tonite i wll candle.Take out what i am SURE isnt goign to hatch (clear) then leave them alone until day21.
....I candled at day 7 but with the brown eggs and my first hatch i couldn tell a LOt but did see 2 eggs with dark spots..eyes? Didnt candle all however.THAKS AGAIN ALL!!

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