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    Another humidity question.
    Day 9 today.
    My temp is steady and i dont open the bator at all. Put water in thru a straw once or twice a day , then clamp the straw shut with a clamp clothes pin.Batorsays iwilponly haqveto add water a cou0letimes a week .NO.

    My humidity goes down almost once a day to 20% i n just a few hours.Ichekcit at least 5 times aday or more.Havent figured out why itgoes down .Thought it was i had one vent open but covered it all the way and then a day or 2 later with a tiny slit open and it still has gone to 20% once a day nearly .
    Some days its ok Other days it goes down.
    Mostly at night even though i add water to make it about 45-50 % at least in there at bedtime(usually keep it about 40-43%.)

    I have the fan which goes with the HovaBator
    .It is attached to an air hole vent and warm air comes out of the vent from the fan exaust i guess. Is it taking out moisture with running?
    I am just stumped on this humidity thing
    Will it going so low almost once a day or at least 1/2 the time for a short while kill the eggs?

    Last question... is the fan ventilating the bator to the point i dont have to open another vent hole at all?
    Or is it just moving the air inside around and not letting the eggs breath?
    I have the one vent hole that doesnt have the fan exaust about totally closed with tape b/c of the humidity problem
    A tiny slit is not covered.
    I didnt see any instructions telling any of this with the fan or Hovabator .
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    Im not shure what to tell you but I hope someone who knows more will be on soon . luckly you have time till you really need to up the humidity for hatching . Good luck

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