Another Ivermectin Question...


11 Years
Oct 3, 2008
Western North Carolina
I have already used Wazine and am now ready to deworm my hens using Ivermectin.

I have read in previous posts to get the 5% blue pour-on but my local TSC doesn't have that (I don't think). Here is what they have:

Ivermectin Pour -On for Cattle
Countains: 5mg ivermectin/mL

Is this the same as the 5%?? Can I use this and if so, do I still follow standard procedures of .5cc for large hens?

Thanks for any help!
Yes for cattle will work
Back of neck on bare skin
.5cc standard again in 2 weeks
.25cc banty again in 2 weeks
1/4cc birds under 20 weeks repeat 7-10 days later
Or with eye droper same as above repeat in 2 weeks
small 4 drops
med 6 drops
large 8 drops
After the 2 weeks I just re-apply as stated on bottle, this seems to work fine for mine.
Repeat in two weeks even if I have recently used Wazine?

No. The Wazine once, and 2 weeks later do the Ivermectin. Done. (Meaning you don't need to do the Ivermectin a second time, in another 2 weeks.)​
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