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Nov 7, 2012
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Hello everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself...I'm new to BYC and to raising chickens. Everyone laughed when I told them I was thinking about getting chickens and now that I have my own fresh eggs they are reconsidering the humor of the situation. I might even make some converts.

My start to raising chickens began tragically when I lost my first flock to a fox. Who woulda thought to find a fox in the city?! I had five hens. Gertrude a leghorn, Mildred a speckled sussex, Marie and Antionette two french black copper marans, and Rosie a rhode island red. I have found that raising chickens is addictive and here I am with my second flock of 10 hens and three roosters used to be five roosters (I thought I should get extra since chickens in my yard don't seem to have a long life expectancy). I rehomed Randall, rhode island red, and Oscar my french black copper maran roo met an early demise at the paws of my two boxers. Sadly, looks like my reasoning wasn't too far off.

I have 2 easter eggers, Goldie and Bertie, Little Mildred, speckled sussex, Louise, black copper maran, Goose, brown leghorn, Arabella, blue andulasion, 3 buckeye hens and 1 barred rock hen (newly acquired and nameless for the moment) and now for the roosters, Aloysius a mille fleur d'uccles bantam (pictured), Goliath a golden laced wyandotte (who needs a new home because three crowing roosters might be annoying to the neighbors), and Buck a buckeye rooster.

I've referenced BYC a lot since starting my two flocks this spring and decided to join. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn from everyone's experiences and knowledge on this site and hopefully help other chicken owners. Thanks for having me and reading this post.

PS- If anyone is looking for a rooster, Goliath would make a great addition!

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