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6 Years
Sep 12, 2013
Good Morning Everyone abit of background into me/us

We are very new to Backyard chickens. In fact only about 6 weeks. We live on the Isle of Wight, England My husband has always wanted chicken so for Christmas we bought him a coop but very soon after he found out he had terminal cancer so we never got around to getting any however.

In July he was in the local pub and was asked if knew anyone that could re-homed two Black-tailed Colombians, a couple who were moved house and could no longer keep them. So we took them on they were ex battery quite old they thought one was laying but the other was very quiet and subdued and looked poorly so wasnt expected to live long. within a week I had got attached to the lively one and spent every hour ready books, forums etc and it became clear that if one died it could impact on the other. So i got talking to a friend who had some babies, 10 weeks old old Bantams and Silkies so we bought 3. But as these were quiet small we kept them in a separate coop but where they could be seen by the other two. 4 weeks later the poorly chicken died and my heart didnt give my brain time to think so we went a bought a speckled lady for company for the original hen.

I think i was lucky as after a few days and feathers flying they now are in the same coop not quiet friends yet but tolerating each other. This week i have introduced the little ones and again thing have been relatively calm although i am still separating them at night.

We have two dogs and even they seem to have accepted the chickens quite quickly.

Have to say i am so surprised at how much personality chickens have.

i/we have loads to learn but reading your forums and facebook is so much help thank you for allowing me to join you all

Julie & gang
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!

Welcome to the forum. I am glad the ladies are tolerating each other. Not surprised they are not immediately fast friends. Friends have to grow on each other sometimes.

Welcome to the forum. I look forward to reading your posts
Caroline from Jacksonville FL

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