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10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
yes we went out of town. I encouraged my 16 year old son to visit the grand opening of the new tractor supply store. when we returned that evening he told us he had a surprise in the garage- 5 baby chickens he purchased at tractor supply! so.... the search for coop plans, building the coop, educating ourselves on chickens began. it has been a lot of fun, i cant believe how much fun i have had. cant wait for those brown eggs to start showing up! looking forward to learning from all the pros.

You couldn't have come to a better place for getting started with your chickens.

What kind do you have?

We love to see pictures.
You are in for lots of fun and you've come to the right place to learn. The people on here are very helpful.

Have you checked out the coop plans? Before we built our coop I spent a lot of time looking at every picture posted and writing down the things I liked as well as the things I didn't like. Now we have the perfect coop from my point of view. I think the feathered people would like anything.

Also check out about what to feed at different ages.

Will you have to find homes for roos? Start looking before you find out who the roos are. I had to place two, one went to a personal friend and one found a home on Craigslist.

Have you named your babies yet?

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