Another ? on how long it takes to hatch.

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    I've learned alot from this forum already - thanks everyone for great advice! So, here's another question, and my apologies for not being a better data collector.

    I have two hens on nests, both about 10 eggs each. We left for a 4 day weekend on May 21st, and I was SURE I'd have chicks when we got back, because they had been on the nests for weeks by that time. Now, it's June 6th, and still no chicks. Some of you may know I accidentally handled/broke an egg and there was a baby chick in there. (Very sad story that makes me most unhappy.) So, the eggs (or some at least) are fertilized and should/may hatch.

    When do we give up waiting to see if any will hatch? The hens continue to sit on them, take few breaks, and are generally acting like great moms-to-be.

  2. I've read that the hens seem to know if an egg is 'dead' and will roll it out of the nest and stop sitting on it. So maybe yours are still good.

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