Another Peafowl sexing question


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Sep 20, 2009
These are my two 9 week old peachicks. I was thinking that both are boys. I hatched them both from eggs from my own breeders. I forgot to mark which pen they came from.

The black shoulder is from a purple black shoulder male over a regular black shoulder hen. So I'm thinking it is a male blackshoulder split purple.

The blue is from one of the possible pairings: 1. Blue silver pied with blue silver pied. 2. Purple black shoulder male over blue white eyed hen. 3. Bronze male over black shoulder hen. It does have white in the wings, so my guess is a dark pied out of the silver pied pair.

I'd love anyone else's opinions.




The bottom one is defanately a male because of the stripes or barring on the wings. The blackshoulder one does seem to be a male too because of all the black it is growing, a female would stay light.
your right on the bs being male so would be split purple, note the scales coming in on the back.

Other male also......looks like it could be from any of those 3 prs, if that is a white throat patch then from silver pieds, would also be white eye if from SP.
Are the scales the feathers with the black "U" ?
One of my 10 wk old bs has gotten more of these and they have some blue-green iridescence in them.
Does that mean it's a male ?
(I'll get new pics and hopefully post them correctly.)
yes valewife those are the ones, lot better way to sex bs. Female can be darker than other females, reason sometimes people miss sex them.
Thanks. I'm learning, slowly but surely.
Another question now about development-
between 10 weeks and 14 weeks- will my little male bs change alot ?
Looking at LMEggs's pics of her bs at 14 weeks in her 'My Peafowl' post, I can't imagine mine can change that much in a month.
He's still such a baby.
Thanks everyone for educating me. I do want to raise my peas well.
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