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Apr 5, 2012
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OK,so I have posted in here a few times about my newly adopted / rescued hens.

I had found a super tiny yolkless egg and was told it was called a fart or wind egg. Well, I have found 2 more since then. I don't know if it's the same hen or not, they all lay the same color except for the EE and production red (who is currently separated for feather plucking). Nothing about our routine has changed, so I'm wondering why I keep getting the fart eggs and what I can do to prevent them.

Also, I felt the need to check in on the ladies tonight and none of them were on the roosts. They were all sleeping under the roosts on the floor, all spread out,not huddled together, which really surprised me. The lowest roost is only 12 inches off the ground and they are set 12 inches apart like steps, so I know they could get up there if they wanted too.

Are they sleeping in the deep litter on the floor because they're naked bodies are cold? Or is it possible that maybe they never even had a roost at their previous home so they don't know what they're for? Isn't it instinct to sleep off the ground on roosts?

So I checked in on the production red, and she is sleeping on the floor of her coop too. It's so weird.

Also, I was planning on placing an order for chicks in Feburary at the feed store. With this floor sleeping behavior rub off on the pullets when I add them to the flock?
They may just be sleeping where they learned to sleep; it's certainly possible they had no roost. Sometimes people train growing chicks to sleep on roosts by setting them on the roost just before dark for several days. You could try this.

Here is a link to a publication all about various egg defects. It doesn't mention fart eggs that I see, but it does talk about what can be done about certain egg defects.
My girls were rescues as well and I just left them sleeping where they were. Mine have been here with roosts for 8 months now and some roost at night and some still dont. I wouldnt worry about it to much as long as they are safe from night time predators then who cares. That is the reason they roost anyway.

As far as the fart eggs try entering that in the search engine on this site. I have found that it always comes up with great threads when my search is that specific.

Good luck!!
I would say that is just what they have gotten used to and you are probably right that they didn't have a roost before. You could try putting them on the roost at night to show them. Once they try it they might like it. When mine were several weeks old I started putting a small roost only an inch off the ground in their brooder and they got on it on their own. You could try that too if them being on the floor bothers you.
Thanks everyone. They seem to be doing just fine and they are pretty skittish, so trying to place them on the roost would be chaos. So I think I'll just leave them be.

Also, I did a fart egg search on BYC and it seems to be a fairly common thing and not really much I can do about it.

I am, however, happy to announce they ever since I removed the feather eater, everyone is growing new feathers like crazy!
I'm starting to get just a tad worried about my girls.
I haven't been using any light in the coop as I figured they could use a rest over the winter. Maybe the colder weather and shorter days is causing these weird eggs? IDK, I'm on a research war path now. I want my girls to be healthy and happy!

Here is today's egg collection, which leads me to believe it's not just one hen.

I wish I knew what was going on with these girls before I got them. She told me they are about 1 1/2 years old, so they should be right in the middle of their egg laying years, right?
After a trauma my girls who where laying nicely started laying shell-less eggs and laying outside. It took a few weeks. Give them extra protein while they are regrowing their feathers and in time they should straighten out. They are lucky to have someone who is taking such good care of them.
I think Chicks DL has it about right. My girls were ex battery hens when we rescued them and I can understand your concern and worry!! They are very lucky to have someone that has that concern for their welfare and happiness/health!

Our girls came to us at 9 months of age and they really didnt know what to do other then sit in one place and lay eggs! It took a good month-ish before I noticed a real change in them. There egg laying was sporatic and strange. They stayed off the roost for months and they really didnt know about dust baths or anything else chicken-like. Not to mention the stress that they are under right now getting used to the new surroundings and schedule.

My suggestions are breath!! I dont mean this in a mean way but, its true!! Get them on a good quality feed and extra protein wont hurt right now either. Then get a schedule. Let them out at the same time every morning and close them up at the same time every night. By this I mean at the same light amount. Then feed them in the same way. Put fresh feed out in the mornings or what ever works for your schedule. Do this every day. They are like kids in they learn quickly when it is the same every time!! Spend time with them in a relaxed to them.

You have done the best thing for them by bringing them out of a not the greatest situation and you can only do better now. Try not to stress. It will work itself out when they catch up to your schedule. Give them lots of time and love.

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