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Mar 10, 2009
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I am not having very good luck with shipped eggs either. This last batch when I got them about 4-5 looked like that had tomatoe soup in them when I candled them. Not like a yellow yolk look. What is causing this to happen? I candled them when I got them. None of these tomatoe soup looking eggs are developing.

THanks for any help!
Rough handling causes the eggs to get "scrambled."
I've had problems with that.
I currently have a batch of shipped eggs in the 'bator. They came from Utah to Pa. Every one of those eggs are showing development. Box was marked: "FRAGILE: LIVE EMBRYOS"
They're due to hatch on 6/25. I'm expecting 90% or better hatch rate!
Mine have all been well marked and 2 different batches from 2 different ppl from PA I have had no luck at all. They just do not develope. I am in Alabama and I had some shipped from Tn and out of 14 eggs 10 developed and 9 hatched. I guess the distance does matter.

If you have sloshy eggs, toss them before they explode! I agree either they were scrambled in shipping or they were contaminated by bacteria. I ship eggs all the time and other than a couple broken
in shipping, they hatch just fine. Don't give up!

Edited to add: I've shipped to CA, WA, FL, AL without a problem. Chances are it's not necessarily the distance but the eggs themselves, how they were packed, and how the PO handled them. Could be a combination too.
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You mean red like tomato soup or the texture of tomato soup, either way they have been invaded by bacteria and if they dont stink they will soon, they are no good.
So sorry you are having such bad luck with shipped eggs! I too don't seem to do as well with them. One thing I've begun to notice is that any eggs that come from east of me seem to have a rough trip. Every time I've gotten eggs shipped through Eastern Kentucky they have arrived cracked, broken air cells, just plain messed up. Even eggs I've sent east have been goofy. So avoid East KY like the plague!!

It also depends on the breed of egg, and the individual birds. Certain breeds seem to handle shipping better, and individual birds' eggs seem to do differently as well.

I have shipped eggs all over the country with good results. An egg with red insides is no good!!
Thanks for the sympathy! I have quite depressed over this!

When I say tomatoe soup it is when I candle them. Instead of looking clear like an infertile egg where you can see the yolk it looks really dark and reddish and it is really sloshy. So anyways I did decide that they were not going to develope and cracked one open to see and it was a mess inside. I could not have scrambled it better myself.

Thanks for everyones help!
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