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    The reptile show is coming up and I am beginning to seriously research everything I will need to buy before getting my gecko. After researching, I'm really thinking I would rather have a crested, mostly because they do not require live food. I'm afraid that the noise crickets would make would disturb my room mate.

    Anyways, I've been looking up different enclosures for crested geckos and originally I was planning on getting a younger gecko and using a ten gallon tank until I needed something larger, in which case I would upgrade. However, I saw a few websites that used clear plastic tubs as gecko habitats and I sort of like that idea better. I could go taller and the tub would be a lot lighter to carry to and from school. Also, it would be much cheaper to upgrade when I need something larger. However, now I'm wondering what would be a good size to get. I've only ever seen young cresteds in person, but could someone give me the measurements of an adult crested gecko (How big they get)? What about a juvenile?

    Also, would I still be able to use an under tank heating pad on a rubbermaid tub, or would I have to come up with something else? My room at school is pretty warm, so I probably won't need much heating.

    Is there anything I'm forgetting? I'm going to get a few fake plants for it to climb on. I have tons of small bowls for food and water. I am planning to use paper towels at the bottom of the container. I also saw a site that used egg and cup holders as little houses and substrate for them to climb on.

    One more question, is there a sex you would recommend? How much can I expect to pay for a normal/common colored juvenile at a reptile show?

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