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    Apr 11, 2011
    So since the predator break in my girls have been uneasy, I stuck them in the top rafters (used for storage) the last two nights, where they promptly settled in and fell asleep. Problem is they will follow me around and beg me to put them up there.

    Mei (large barred cross) can get down on her own, Luna (white cochin) is unsure about jumping down on her own, Ophelia (9week mystery) is terrified to get up and down on her own.

    So my question is if I put in a ladder that swings down during the day for them to get up and down with, you think it would be fine to lock it up at night so a predator can't reach them? Or should I leave the ladder down all the time?

    I fixed the area where the predator entering and I put out a trap, but they are totally nervous when not up in the rafters. They keep moving around and looking behind them, when I put them in the rafters they settle down almost immediately.

    rafters by StonesChickens, on Flickr
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    I think I'd install a ladder and leave it there, so they won't get hurt frantically trying to get down for some reason. Or, make "steps," like a succession of two or three boxes or shelves they could easily hop up or down to.
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    Feb 24, 2009
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    You could make straw bale steps......

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