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    Oct 2, 2016
    Hello! My husband put out Amdro Ant Bait without noticing that it says not to use around poultry on 9/14. I wasn't aware and turned my girls out. They were out for about 10-15 minutes and I put them back. All girls survived and we have been throwing out the eggs since. We have reached out to Amdro several times to see when we can turn them back out and they always say they will look it up and email us; we are still waiting. Any idea of when we can turn them back out? It has rained several times since it was put out, not sure if that helps be cause any?
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    Unfortunately you will have to try to get the answer from Amdro. When dealing with poisons, insecticide, etc., the manufacturer should be able provide the correct information.

    Have you called them or just email? If you have only emailed them call their 800 number and explain that you haven't received the information you need.

    I'm not a social media person, but I notice they have Twitter as well, if you use Twitter, possibly ask the question there as well. Be nice, respectful and to the point, hopefully the posed question will put them on the spot and they will have to answer because it's asked publicly.
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