Anti-turn Washer (Alternative to Fender Washer)


13 Years
Aug 5, 2008
I've been working on my run... almost done! Something that I've found useful in putting up the 4 X 2 fencing is the anti-turn washer. I'd started using 1 inch fender washers to augment staples. However, with fencing with that large of holes, sometimes the wire would slide over a bit, loosening up the hold the screw and fender washer had on it.

These anti-turn washers, which I'd never previously heard of before, have their corners bent making 4 barbs. When you screw them tight, the barbs dig into the wood, holding the wire more securely between the screw and the barbs. The only cons I see, are they are more expensive than fender washers, and the ones I found are a slightly lighter gauge metal. None-the-less, I think they're superior to fender washers for securing fencing larger than 1 inch square. I still use fender washers for securing 1/2 inch and 1/2 x 1 inch hardware cloth.

Anyone else use anti-turn washers on their runs?

Here's a picture of one in place:
I've never heard of them before, so thanks for the info!

Would think that the screws and washers would hold better than staples in some situations where the wire fencing was to the outside of the pen instead of inside where if you pushed on it the staples would come out easier.

Great solution!
I wish I knew about those before!!! They seem like they would have saved my poor bruised thumbs and fingers trying to nail in all those terrible fencing nails that are shaped like U's.
Poultry staples are certainly cheaper but screws and washers are easier to install. Especially in an area that's not stabilized where banging in a staple might be hard on the structure. I've got a portable run made of 2 x 2's and banging the staples in made me afraid I was going to break it. The next time I used screws and washers and it was a lot easier!
I found them at our local Ace hardware stores. Two of the three stores sell some made by Hillman, loose or in boxes of 50 for about $9. The third, more of a mom and pop store, but still an Ace franchise, sells a different brand, Grattan, for significantly less, about $13 for a box of 100. I've never noticed them at Home Depot or Lowes.
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That is a great idea! I'll try them when I install 6 foot wire on my duck run. Hammering staples 6 feet up causes a lot of bounce and vibration.
What a fantastic idea! I've never heard of them but will definitely look for them when we start building our run this weekend. I only wanna have to do this once, so I don't mind spending a little extra to make sure we do it right.

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