Antibiotics cause sour crop?


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Aug 16, 2011
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Hi. I have some 3+ week old silkies on antibiotic (Duramycin ) for a respiratory issue. Only a few were showing symptoms but I decided to dose the whole bunch cause I figured they had all been exposed. I've also been giving them probios powder in their food and Polyvisol. A few of them are lethargic and one has developed a squishy crop today. I bought some Bragg OACV today. How do you give the chick the vinegar while on antibiotics? We are on day 5 of the course. What should I do for the sleepy, squishy chick? I feel bad now for putting them all on antibiotics.
. I haven't noticed a foul odor from the squishy cropped one yet.
Just like antibiotics cause yeast infections in humans, such is true with other animals. The vinegar goes into the drinking water. Also offer plain yogurt as treat/snack.
The chicks crop emptied overnight sooooo maybe not sour crop. Im about to edit this threads title to include something about mareks and avian encephalomyelitis. I'm stumped as to what these chicks could have.
Ok so I can't edit the title because I don't know how. Would it be ok to post another topic about the same chicks describing the exact symptoms they are experiencing so that I may get some input?

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