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    Jul 12, 2011
    Hi all,

    A little while ago i acquired 4 Cochin chickens 1 young cock, 3 hens....I was unaware they were ill until i got them home....So straight away quarantine.....when checking over, the had northern fowl i powdered...they were underweight, so i gave them mash and lots of corn and lots of water too. 1 was coughing, 1 was sneezing, other 2 had gargling cough....two laying eggs i made an appointment at vets, she wasn't that concerned so prescribed me wormer, but said if didn't work then would prescribe antibiotics. 2 weeks later, they are now on is 7th day, they are alot better, but when should they stop coughing and sneezing?

    Antibiotic is called Denagard 12.5% i put 2mls in a litre of fresh water everyday for 7 days.

    Any information would be fab....

    thanks in advance

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