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5 Years
May 3, 2014
my big old matriarch loves me, but only me. She has learned to tolerate one of my other hens, but 3 new pullets I got last month are simply not given time of day by her - she either attacks them constantly or chased them from food or 'her' space. She even spends all her time as far from them as possible. Currently she is sleeping under the hedge on one side the garden, all the others are in the run dirt bathing. At night she either tries to prevent them getting in the coop, or stops them getting out in the morning. She sleeps in the nest boxes at the back while the rest of the girls all snuggle together in the other side of the coop She just does not want anything to do with them.

They are not her flock. Chickens bond with those they grow up with and tolerate others introduced but never really become close with them. There's nothing unusual about her behavior. She will probably always be alone.
aww that's sad to hear. I got the pullets as she seemed so lonely as she is 5 now and as an ex rescue her other friends have all long since died. I hoped she could make some new friends in her old age
she spent all yesterday attacking them again, then running up to me as if to say 'look mum I'm protecting you' or maybe 'save me from these nasty hens'. this morning she has hung around the house to be with me instead of having to be out there with 'them'.

ah the hen drama
How did you go about introducing the new birds to the old girl?
How old are the pullets?
A month is not long for them to form a bond or even tolerance.
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