1. Cowboyffa84

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    Jul 23, 2010
    Lone Grove Oklahoma
    Ok i just built my new coop and run the coop is just a 2x2x10 box looking thing with 3 compartments but the chickens aint he only ones interested in making the coop their new home the ants arnt nesting in the coop their just in there like eating the droppings and doing whatever ants do my question is how do i get rid of them and keep them out of my coop its 3 feet off the ground i was going to put pine shaving int he coop so the chickens can start nesting but i dont want to put all that in there just so the ants can move in and nest under the shaving. My question is how do i get rid of them and keep them out of my coop with out spraying and making my chickens sick or worse?

    I have another question since my coop is 3 feet off the ground how will my future chick get up there i have a board leading all the way up there with cross boards on it ever 3inches the big chickens know how to get up there but im worried about if i have chick or if i get chicks in the future what should i do?
  2. Imp

    Imp All things share the same breath- Chief Seattle

    About the ants, Some people here have reported success against ants using boiling water poured in the ant nest/hill. Or using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth on them.
    About the ramp. If it is not too steep they probably can get up it.
    I would give the mother hen a seperate place for her and the chicks. I'd worry too much about the other chickens hurting them.

    Good luck


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