Ants in my coop

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    May 22, 2007
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    Still...our babies are not in their coop!! Just when I need him to finish the hard stuff my hubby ends up working like a dog, long hours. Maybe this weekend... Anyway, our coop used to be a play house at my moms when we were growing up. The siding (T1-11) was rotted so we tore it off as well as the shingles and took the stud walls and floor. When we were packing it for transport I noticed the holes in the wood form carpenter ants. DH says "their all gone now, it will be ok". We put it up slapped some more siding and shingles on and it looks brand new! While painting it sunday, I notice ants walking all over it! I think we transported the nests with the wood. DH thinks we should leave it and let the chicks eat the ants. I think the ants are going to ruin the coop. All that for my question. What do you think about me putting a bug bomb in there before we let the chicks in?? Would it do any good? Would it be a terrible idea for the health of my birds? Or is he right about the chickens taking care of the ants??[​IMG]
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    May 7, 2007
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    All I can say if try food grade'll kill'em for sure

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