Any Artists in the house?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Sphynxii, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Maybe you should consider being an art teacher if you want art to be a profession. I am in college right now for a graphic design major. I plan to work for a big company as a graphic designer, but as a back-up I will take a few classes in teaching so that I could become an art teacher or a multimedia teacher.

    Made these dicrotic glass eyes a few months ago for a raptor mask I am making. I haven't been working on the mask in a while. I have been pretty busy with college art class assignments. The eyes are already in the mask now and look pretty good. the mask just needs teeth and then I need to paint it and add some feathers and fabric and/or fur.
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    Quote: Those are amazing How did you make them?!!!!!!!! Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm an artist and a potter! I'll share a couple images!

    I'm in grad school for pottery right now, but I might be leaving after next semester. I'm improving, but education is just too expensive. Especially education I don't need for a job or anything.
    Watercolor 12x18 inches

    Ceramic Plate 12x12 inches (all the rest are the same size)


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    Sep 16, 2010
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    Thanks! Years ago my mom and I saw some dichroic glass jewelry and I told her that I wanted to learn how to make glass jewelry. So eventually we found some locals who made glass jewelry and then they taught us how to make glass jewelry. Half of the garage has been converted into a glass studio with 2 kilns and all sorts of different kinds of glass from dichroic glass (the sparkly glass) to regular colored glass, etc.

    To make the raptor eyes, I cut some green dichroic glass and some regular clear glass to go overtop of the green glass. On the green glass, I used a tool to draw in the eye pupil and the veins. Then we put the glass in the kiln (basically an oven for things like glass and pottery) for a long fuse so that the glass would melt a lot, forming a circle. You can do a shorter fuse time if you want the glass to retain its shape.

    It is really fun to see what the glass looks like after it has fired. Often times the dichroic glass looks a lot different than it did before you fire it, so we have a little guide showing what certain dichroic glass looks like after being fired with clear glass over it, and without.

    We don't do any glass blowing though. Mainly just glass jewelry but my mom does do some glass sculptures. Recently she converted a pretty glass bowl she made into a sink that she will put in a new house.
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    Thanks for the tips Xtineart! I'm currently re-vamping my website and looking at rebranding myself. Trying come up with a name and logo. I do enroll in art shows and pet fairs but looks like I will have to "pimp myself out like a ho" more than I have been doing! lol Once my website if done I will make a facebook page and set up an Instrgram account.

    to be honest I don't think I am good enough(or maybe not confident enough) to teach classes for adults...but maybe some fun courses for kids? That's something to look into.

    thanks again!
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    ta Jwood, find your confidence sweetie. you ARE good enough, but why not try what I did for a bit with some casual volunteering. I used to help out with youth clubs and a drop-in mental health group who loved and appreciated that someone took the time to just 'be'. It didn't make me any money though they paid expenses but it's not the money that you gain, the confidence and the feedback and just to see others blossom is invaluable. I dont have time right now and the chickens take up most of my day but it's a brilliant thing to sign up to.

    A lot of art shops love it when a local artist can spend a day in-store demonstrating their products too, they love the increase in sales and you get the publicity, you should ask around. and I dont know if it's something you do but sketch out and about, I have gained loads of interest and work purely by standing in a field at a race-day or a farm show with a sketchbook and a stick of have no idea how much of a curiosity magnet you become to people by just being there drawing stuff.

    Oh and I know I've said loads already but dont spend too much cash yourself, if you can get a friend to build a website for payment in paintings or do it yourself, do spend a little on good business cards and your materials/frames etc, but dont pay to enter competitions or craft fairs where you have to pay a lot for a pitch and barely break even.

    and finally spend some happy artist time hanging with and painting your own chickens (and any other pets, but mainly chickens) they deserve it.

    here's 2 of my babies who posed for me in the summer. [​IMG]
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    Drew this last night during a study break.

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    I find that even with selling my drawings cheap, people don't want to spend the money. The dog drawing I posted was commissioned for 75$. I got about a 5.00 an hour for that drawing. Most of the dogs I end up doing are for pets that pass away.. people are more prone to spend the money. So that is a marketing angle if you're looking for one. I do them mostly for friends and family so I make no money really.. cause I'm too darn nice.. LOL!

    Keep honing your skills.
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    Dec 22, 2014
    Hand crafted Clay Cut cross jewelry. Check out Two Art Teachers on FB.
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    so whats this thread about

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