Any clue on this chick's breed?


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This chick has strange feathers compared to all of my others. It almost looks like "she" only has 2 really long feathers on each side when she holds her wings in.
When you spread them out it's like she has "full scale" flight feathers, and the rest are really small baby sized. She's really fat looking too. Kinda tri-colored at this point, but I'm inexperienced in what breeds look like as chicks.
Also compared to other chicks this one sounds more like a songbird

I'll definitely be interested to know what it grows up into, just coz "she" is so different than the rest.





Pix of her are numbers 16 through 22 in this album
From the birds in your signature, I'd suspect it has black sex link in it's parentage from at least one side and maybe both. Those legs look pretty dark to me. There are several possible combinations, but if I had to guess, I'd think it might be a BSL father and RSL mother. The black obviously has to come from a black sex link and that yellow could come from the red sex link or maybe the buff orp? I don't think the RIR rooster over the bsl pullet would give you that yellow color. I think it would be more red. Of course, the bsl male over a white leghorn may give you that yellow. Once you get into the offspring of crosses, it really gets confusing quickly.

I really narrowed it down for you, didn't I.
Whatever the chick is - It's blue. It is going to be a blue bird. Sorry that's about all I can tell you. Did you hatch this one from your own chickens or buy it?
That's what I was thinking. It sure looks a lot like the Blue & Splash Orps I hatched a few weeks ago.

Awww a blue! It came from TSC, form the "assorted pullets" bin, supposedly they are hatchery purebreds. It was the only one like it so I picked it.

Guess I shouldn't have named it as "my favorite" because sometime after I went to bed last night the little booger escaped the brooder and died.
I liked that little baby Sooooo much!!!
I buried her by the chicken coop this afternoon.
Sorry to hear about your loss - I've had mystery chicks like that die on me too, right before I could find out what it was.

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