Any diseases shared by chickens and rabbits?

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    Mar 25, 2009
    This isn't a chicken-specific question, but I thought it'd be best to explore all angles of the issue and make sure that my chickens a) aren't to blame for what's going on with my brother's rabbits and b) aren't going to suddenly show up sick themselves.

    My brother has been having trouble with his rabbits. One is currently dying, we think. One has previously been sick but recovered on antibiotics (he was also given a wash for ringworm, but that was a precaution since he'd lost some hair. He was never tested for ringworm, and didn't really look like he had it. ).

    So I want to know what diseases the two can share. They are not housed together, so anything that they'd have gotten would have had to have been airborn or through human contact. I suspect ringworm, salmonella, and coccidiosis are things likely to be transferred between the species, though I think any of the three are unlikely in this case, since the last two would almost certainly need direct contact or contact with droppings and the first one, though it could be transferred via a human is unlikely since none of us are showing signs of it.

    My chickens seem healthy enough at the moment, though they're miserable from the sub-normal temperature we're having.

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    Off hand, I don't know of any diseases they share.....maybe google it. I, however have had chickens and my rabbits together for years..and they don't seem to be unhealthy because of it. Infact, they get along well and the rabbits are multiplying faster than the chickens and on top of that, the babies are growing up like weeds. I have to give away as many as possible every chance I get.
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    I know they share Coccidiosis but dont know of any others...let me go find my book! I cant find my book
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