Any experience using dark Cornish as broody hens?


11 Years
Apr 8, 2008
I have a few dark Cornish that I bought for broody hens, because I heard they were very broody. But then I tried to look up information on them and can't find it anywhere, so maybe I had a brain fart and bought the wrong breed! I wanted a large bird instead of a Silkie because I didn't think Silkies would be able to protect chicks well in our set-up, The Cornish should be perfect if they'll brood, because they are MEAN!

Has anyone on here had any experience raising Cornish? Do they go broody a lot?
Sure, they are a meat bird, but they've been described to me as frequently broody.

I've had many an Orpington, but never had even one go broody. I've had broody Wyandottes and even a broody Leghorn, but never a broody Orp. I finally gave up on them.
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