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7 Years
Apr 21, 2012
Hello from Central Virginia -

I'm starting my first flock and looking for decent heritage layers, the rarer the better. It's getting late but I'm eager to get started with chicks asap ... I'm looking for 20-25 chicks to start, all pullets, free range, tractor coop, etc but I'm having a hard time finding what I want.

Does anyone have experience with
I want to order
5 speckled sussex
5 partridge plymouth
5 silver lace wyandotte
5 naked neck
5 welsummer

I would really love any and all feedback about the site, these breeds, or raising in VA.

Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Although they lay a medium egg, I am particularly fond of my Speckled Sussex. I also have high hopes for the Euskal Oiloa (basque chickens) that I hatched out this spring.
. E Fowl to the best of my knowledge dropships. Which means many of their prices may be higher than the source of the birds.
Welcome to BYC! No experience with that company as we've gotten all our chicks locally. Sounds like a nice flock you are planning. Enjoy!
Any suggestions for hatcheries then, the local options I've uncovered don't have much variety and I've also noticed that some specifically won't ship to VA.

I ordered from efowl, as did a coworker, although we didn't know we did, or we would have combined orders. Yes they a brokers, use a number of hatcheries. That said, it was problem free, healthy chicks, no problems. The chicks come directly from the hatchery, you just may not know which one.

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