any experience with electric run fencing?


8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
West Texas
Hello all!

I am looking into getting some of the electric poultry fencing to expand my flock's range area. I used to free range, and for three years that worked great...then we got new neighbors with terrible dogs, and my flock of 50+ birds was reduced to nine hens and one rooster in a matter of ten days

I have had my remaining birds in a completely enclosed run (aviary netting on the top to foil raptors) for the past three months, post-attack. It's worked out okay, but I've noticed a marked difference in the quality of my eggs. I wanted to try to get my birds back on to some "free" range, but am not going to risk having another attack. Building a permanent fence big enough to let our flock range isn't an option...before I invest in the electric netting fence, I'd like to hear from some people who have experience with it...can y'all help me out?

I will be closing my hens up securely every night in their coop, I just need to know whether or not the netting would work for daytime use & deterring dogs. I have warned the neighbors that if I see any dogs (theirs or others) on my property I'm shooting them, but I cannot be down at my coop all the time.

Thanks in advance!!
I got away with freeranging for a year. Then, the local foxes discovered my birds, I had to do something. In two daytime attacks, I lost 16. The answer for me was electrified poultry netting from Premier. I started out with 300', I liked it so much, I bought 300' more. I have mine powered from a 110VAC charger, also from Premier. You can get a solar charger if you want. The fence packs over 7000Vs. Once something noses into that, they forget all about chickens. The fence has been up for over a year and a half, the chickens get out every day and I don't have to worry about them. Premier has 2 different heights, the fence comes in various lengths. I have the PermaNet with the double spikes. I like it because the posts are closer together, to keep the fence from sagging.

Jack...what does snow do to this fence?
I think I've asked this before but can't remember.....sorry for any redundancy.
Jack...what does snow do to this fence?
I think I've asked this before but can't remember.....sorry for any redundancy.

Last winter for me was a light one as far as snow. We had a few small storms blow through that left 2-3". I used a broom to clear the bottom of the fence. The snow would have to be cleared as it would ground out the fence. Now, if I were to get a lot of snow, I would probably just shut the fence off. If there is measurable snow on the ground, my birds won't come out anyways, unless I clear an area for them.
My thought is that maybe after a lot of rain, the ground may get soggy and the fence might lean over. And I just feel that 2 is better than 1. There is no concern here about the soil, I can just step the fence in. If you have rocky or cement hard ground, it might be a problem. As far as the determination of the preds goes. When they nose into this fence, they have a total change of heart. A friend of mine brought his dog over one time. And of course, he made a beeline for the chickens as soon as he got out of the truck. My buddy was calling him back, but that dog was on a mission. The chickens are just watching him come from their side of the fence. He starts running back and forth barking and having a good time, then he connected with the fence. He yelped, shot backwards about 25', then turned and ran about 100yds before he even turned around to look back. The dog spent the rest of the visit snorting and sneezing, but he didn't even want any part of going back down to look at the chickens. I got a pretty good laugh out of that. And the chickens, it was like they knew they were safe. They just stood there and watched this dog run right at them. I'm positive they have witnessed the fence being tested more than a couple of times.

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