any guesses i think we have another rooster in our flock


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
the first pic is garlic we think he is a rooster

second pic is pecky we are pretty sure she is a hen

this pick is scoby two who we also think is a rooster

what do you all think my daughter caught it i think she is right she is turning into a pretty good little chicken farmer for 10.
I agree, also. I have some Blue Marans chicks and they look a lot like your chicks (colorwise) and it appears that several of them are cockerels and only 1 pullet in the blue coloring
we have 2 blue rooster orpington we think an 1 blue hen 2 black hens an 5 buff hens then 4 hen comets an 2 we dont know sex or type yet got them free have to reserch a little
I'm new here, and to raising chicks! How old do they have to be to tell whether they're pullets or cockerels? (The feed store they came from said the hatchery guaranteed 90% accurate sexing. I got 9, which gives me pretty good odds at getting at least one male, even though they're supposed to be all females.)

One seems to be a little bigger and a little more aggressive, but at 2 weeks, I can't see any sign of gender. What signs appear first, and how old are the chicks when those signs start to appear? (Four are Americaunas, three are Silve-Laced Wyandottes, and two are Black Australorpes. The Wyandottes are considerably smaller than the other two breeds. The possible male is Americauna.)

In most breeds the secondary sex characteristics start to show up in the 4 to 6 week range. Behavior is a poor indicator of sex, as there are fiesty pullets out there.

jimmythechicken, I think you are correct on your guesses.
the one we named pecky was our most aggressive but turned out she looks like a hen as you can see never know.goodluck hope there all ladys
Welcome Jimmy! I am new here as well, and not far from you. My kids love to go to the drive-in in Mansfield

I got 6 chicks recently from an Agway... luckily 3 were sex links, so we know those are girls, BUT we also got 3 Rhode Island Reds and we have no idea how many of them are females, if any. Many people thought they were all roos. I think that atleast one will end up being a girl though.

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