Any guesses on my bantam pullet CROSS? Thanks, BYC Buddies! <3


5 Years
Oct 20, 2014
Portland, OR
I hatched six eggs that were sold to me as "pure breed bantam" eggs from random assorted SEPARATED pens. I gave the chicks away to my aunt and held back my favorite...BUT...I am completely puzzled as to what my pullet is!

No response from the seller, and my curiosity is killin' me!

Even stranger still, my aunt reports that her pullet that looks extremely similar (from the same clutch of eggs) has started laying bright BLUE eggs!

So, I am confused. I'm not sure she's pure, but that's totally okay. Any guess, however, as to what kind of a CROSS she might be? =/

Oh, another interesting tidbit: Her earlobes are BLUE!

Here she is at 4.5 months old...

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