Any Guesses What Breed This Pretty Girl Might Be?


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May 27, 2016
This is our mystery chick, "Tiny" . . . Tiny was hatched at elementary school with her 2 siblings . . . the teacher has no idea what breed or breed combo they might be (the fertile eggs were donated by a family and we haven't been able to make contact with them due to summer vacation) . . . we're curious, of course, what breed Tiny might be . . . any ideas? You can see in the last photo that she has the darkish legs & feet. She has a little comb, but it's really little still, even at 8 weeks and just basically flesh colored (no pink or red color yet). The light splotches on her feather tips are only on the tips so far and they're a cream color. She's been nicknamed "Tiny Ptarmigan" as her body shape and coloring resemble the White-Tailed Ptarmigan.

2 days old (Tiny is the one eating from the feeder)

3 weeks old (playing "parrot" with my daughter)

8 weeks old (using my daughter's hat-covered head as her roost)
I was starting to think that may be the case. LOL! Thank you for responding, though. We sure like her--she has a fantastic personality. :)
I agree mixed breed, and possibly a mix of mixes. What do the other chicks look like?

I had similar results putting a black-based rooster over a silver hen. colored kind of like a black sex link, except silver on the throat/chest instead of red/gold. I called mine the Crow Sisters

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