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  1. Spring

    Spring In the Brooder

    Jul 10, 2007
    Ok... so I'm new and trying to figure out what my chicks are.
    I ordered all bantam chicks.
    1 black frizzle
    1 Ameraucana
    2 Red Silkies
    1 Blue Silkie

    and then they threw in another. I can't tell what the yellow/ black one is? I can't tell which is which? Can anyone help me figure it out.... starting with the black one at the water.

  2. Motherhenandflock

    Motherhenandflock Songster

    May 17, 2007
    Southeast Idaho
    Hi Spring!
    I can see the chick's colors better in the picture on your other post about handling.
    Your blue silkie is the one standing back from the feeder in that picture. It is kinda grayish, so the black frizzle would be, uh, black![​IMG] So in this picture, my guess would be the red silkies are the one at the top of the pic and then drop down to the right for the other. Then my guess is the Americana has the stripes. The yellow one may turn out white.
    I may be way off base. But I do know they are cute chicks and little boys![​IMG]
  3. Spring

    Spring In the Brooder

    Jul 10, 2007
    Thanks. I will take a better look. Now for names.... any creative ones?? [​IMG]

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