Any Idea what colors these will be?


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Jan 10, 2010
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Here's some of my baby guineas that I gave to the neighbor today
I miss them already
Cutier then chicken poop !!!

Anyone have idea of what colors they might end up to be? They come from a mixed flock of lavender, white, light brown, dark purple mix.

I see 3 Royal Purples, 3 regular Pearl Greys, a couple Chocolates, maybe a couple Opalines or Porcelains, and maybe a Coral Blue or a Buff... hard to tell from the pic

Very cute hatch tho, I'd miss them too!
Which are which? I would love to know!

My guess: The three royal purps are the three lined up across the top and the pearls are the three darkest ones?
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Yep, good guess Anianna, and the chocolates are the 2 on the lower left, the 2 porcelains are towards the right, in the middle of one of the royal purples and the 2 pearls and the one I think is a coral blue is on the far right, in the middle between 2 pearls and the porcelains.

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