Any idea what this is?

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11 days old. Can't stay on its feet. No obvious sign of injury. Didn't notice any problems last night. Been on wire since day four with no problems. One of 46 in a pen with plenty of room and good temps. All others appear fine.
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At this age, it is probably something genetic or internal. Could even be encephalitis. All of these things may or may not pass. I wouldn't cull yet, give it a chance to recover, unless it is obviously suffering.

Add some potent vitamins/minerals to the water to boost immune system and possibly help with any brain swelling and blood supply.

Unless you see others suffering with this syndrome, I doubt it is contagious.

Good luck with the baby!


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Apr 6, 2012
I've had 2 do this in the last few weeks. Culled the first one and disposed of it invade it was sick. Then I
Had the second one do it in a seperate pen about a week later. Took it to the vet to get checked out. He said no signs of illness at all and said it prob cracked its head hard on something due to getting spooked in the night. So I'm seeing if its gonna recover or not now. That night I came out to the barn late and found 2 opossums under the pens. I trapped one and introduced it to a .38 special. I just bought a gamo pellet rifle to take care of the next one when I see it. Figured that'd be a lot safer to shoot in the barn then a .22 rifle or my pistol lol

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