Any ideas about this hen


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Jul 2, 2011
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Hello, this is my favorite hen, she is very smart and responds to voice commands! She is about 2 years old now. When I got her I was told that she was a Rhode Island Red, but after joining this forum, I'm pretty sure that she is not...LOL Any ideas on what she might be, she is bigger all around than my EE's , very intelligent, and somewhat dominant.



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Jan 2, 2011
Largo, FL
Not familiar with a Black Star, it is a cross like an EE ?

Not exactly. EEs are generally chickens with a blue egg gene but may lay any color. They are sexlinked so when they hatch we can tell immediately which is female and male based on the color of the chicks. I have a sexlink female, black star. She is black with gold around the neck area. I couldn't quite tell if yours have the gold around the neck area. My black star is my favorite as well. She is smart, for a chicken. I also have a sex link golden comet that lays pretty much without fail every day. She is not as smart as the black star but she is the most reliable layer.
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