ANY IDEAS? Chick with balance problems

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    Hello to all
    Have a new chick, 6 days old, Production Red, that has serious balance issues. She was born on time, pipped the 20th day, hatched the 21st day. When she came out of the egg she still had a bit of yolk not absorbed and was lightly bleeding from the belly. Bleeding stopped shortly after hatch. Absorbtion was complete within an hour. She appeared healthy and fully developed. But from day one has had balance problems. I thought at first she might be blind but she seems to see fine. She is eating and drinking well and even developing first feathers. But when she tries to walk she will tip her head down and run forward without much control. Then if she tips her head back she will either tip over backwards or run backwards. Not to much control. Has anyone had this problem? Does she have a chance to grow out of it? Some times she seems like she is getting better then others it seems like she has less control.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    mmm... our baby buff cochin chick, Poppy, died last October for some reason. [​IMG] she had bad balance, too. she was always wobbly when we picked her up and she would flap her wings to keep balance. she was also small and weak-looking. i'm hoping your chick is ok!
    good luck [​IMG] and i wish i could help more. [​IMG]
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    I had the same problem with a young sebright chick who died last week [​IMG]

    Even friends of mine had the same problem with one or two of they're newly hatched chicks and they died too.

    But I [​IMG] yours gets over this disorder . but it looks like the chick might die, sorry
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    do you have heat in with the chicks? I know some will stagger if they are not warm enough.
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    Yes the little one is in the brooder at about 97.

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