Any ideas for snack serving containers (tired of sand in fruit)

Haunted Chicken

8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
I've resorted to using one of my baking pans to serve watermelon and other fruits and veggies in but I know there's got to be better ideas out there
. I feel so bad when they grab a nice chunk of fruit only to have it covered in sand by the time they eat it. I tried using a piece of plywood but they just pooped on it lol, not really surprised
Maybe a long raised trough
I use a loaf pan in my brooder/jail. Don't think I'll bring it back into the kitchen again.

I doubt the chickens mind the sand. You could try hanging a feeder/bowl/etc off the ground.

I gave up and now just put the treats on the ground, except for the mashed banana with oats, that i put on a paper plate . I spread it out over the entire plate so everyone gets a chance at it. Just gotta remember to pick up the plate later or they will shred it.
Chickens don't seem to mind if their food is a bit dirty.

Mine insist...all morsels are flung into the dirt and tossed a few times to give an even coating. I don't like it, but I no longer worry about it.
lol I guess doing nothing is an easy fix. No complaints here

Thanks, I feel better about their dirty treats now. Well, a bit better. It's still gross
I was using those aluminium cake and pie tins, which they promptly turned over and made a huge mess with. I found some square plastic bowls at Target for $1 that are shallow enough that they can reach in and grab their yogurt and greens/fruit, but they don't flip these over so easily. They often still throw the tidbit into the sand for "sprinkles" but they have the choice. I bought 3 bowls, so when they have finished their snack, I grab the empty bowl and fill it up with water to soak. I take the one that was already soaking, and give it a good rinse. This way I always have one that is clean and ready for use. I'm not sure what I will do in the winter.
I use the plastic containers you get when you order a chinese. well if you live in the uk you would, I just wash them up properly and they are perfect.
"they're chickens, they have different rules" My son's explination anytime a chicken thing grosses out his city friends.

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